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Hand blended herbals & premium loose-leaf teas for body, mind & spirit. Whether you are a lifestyle tea drinker or exploring your first cup, we’ve got a brew for you.

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Herbal Blends

Renew your connection to yourself and nature every day, with a simple cup of tea! The natural world provides a wide variety of botanicals that can be consciously used to cleanse, balance, comfort and support your body’s natural processes. We have crafted our collection of functional, flavorful, herbal tea blends, based on the true life experiences of our customers, using pure roots, flowers, leaves, barks, berries and seeds. We understand that despite differences, we all go through universal life passages. Whether it’s a seasonal shift, emotional transformation, physical challenge or spiritual leap, you will find an herbal tea blend that supports your current reality. We offer our collection of loose leaf herbal tea blends to inspire your daily alliance with plants and enhance your optimum wellness—one nourishing cup at a time!


Sustainably Sourced,
Beautifully Blended

Product quality and environmental awareness mean the world to us, literally. Every decision we make has an impact on our community and on the planet. This is why we exclusively source from companies committed to earth stewardship. We select and offer only the highest quality, organically and sustainably grown or ethically wild-harvested and pesticide-free botanicals. These ingredients are acquired by fair labor practices across the entire supply chain. All of our teas are hand-blended with intention in small batches and packaged on demand to ensure optimum freshness, flavor, and potency. Our business practices are motivated by our love for plants and the planet, and by our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Caffeinated Tea Blends

Make your healthy routines enjoyable and easy! Balance, focus, and endurance are key factors in feeling successful and satisfied with your daily personal accomplishments. Our line of caffeinated tea blends combine the stimulating effects of different caffeinated tea bases like green tea, black tea and yerba mate with nutritive, activating, performance herbs and spices. These dynamic combinations provide long-lasting, sustainable energy, helping you feel fully aware and alive in your body. We understand that your caffeinated beverage choice not only serves as part of your fuel for the day, but is also a sensual indulgence! Knowing this, our intentional teas are blended with exceptional flavor so that you always look forward to a pleasurable teatime.


Herb Shop Culture

“O world, I cannot hold thee close enough!”—Edna St. Vincent Millay. The Secret Garden views teatime and herbalism as essentials for a healthy modern culture. When our herbal tea shop opened in 2004, in Downtown San Luis Obispo, it was born out of a dream and mission to revive traditional plant medicine, to create a physical resource in the marketplace, where plants—in their most simple form—could be easily accessed. We envisioned a bulk herb store where community is created around the interconnectedness of people and plants; where inspiration to learn about and engage the natural world is practically applied, enjoyed and shared. Our goal is to creatively integrate the traditional use of bulk herbs, spices and loose leaf teas with modern society’s common lifestyle habits. We believe that everyone is an herbalist in their own right; whether a gardener, a chef, a healer, a forager, a teacher, a farmer, a tea master, a scientist, or a seeker, everyone has an herb style. Our inner herbalists are in a current state of remembrance, reverence and reawakening! The Secret Garden is committed to an herb shop culture that includes all people, where we can heal and evolve our relationship with ourselves, each other, nature and the planet.
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