Our Story

Our Roots: The Secret Garden was founded in the summer of 2004 as a small brick & mortar specialty bulk tea, herb and spice store on the Central Coast of California, in Downtown San Luis Obispo. Originally motivated by our love for the craft of herbalism—working with botanicals for natural self-healing and culinary pleasure—we felt that the retail marketplace for quality, organic bulk herbs and spices was underrepresented. Our goal was to create a naturally enchanting space within our community that provided a reliable resource for fresh, pure, potent botanicals, where the relationship between people and plants could flourish and grow! We wanted to highlight the enormous health benefit of working with tea, herbs and spices as a daily self-care practice and felt that our business practices should also reflect that care. Our offerings are rooted in sustainability and respect for our customers, our community, our industry and our environment.

The original vision has since grown, as the reliable quality of our products has raised the awareness, standards and expectations of our local community. Our reputation for flavorful, effective teas has expanded beyond the Central Coast, to a national clientele of individual tea lovers, restaurants, cafes, yoga studios, natural health practitioners and craft breweries—all by word of mouth and popular demand!

Our Specialty: While working with the public daily, surrounded by hundreds of herbs and spices, our founder Kirstin Sherritt discovered her gift for blending effective and flavorful custom teas. Over the years most of the teas in our caffeinated and herbal tea blend collection were developed from the combination of her intimate knowledge of our botanical inventory and her ability to intuitively craft a tea around any individual’s needs. Her blending style is creative and holistic; it draws upon not only the physiological properties and flavors of plants but also on their vibrational essence, mythology and folk history across many different time periods and cultures. A good tea blend according to Kirstin is one that, “when sipped, the infinite intelligence of nature is revealed and the interconnectedness of all beings can be felt.” All of our specialty teas are blended by hand in small batches to ensure peak freshness and to honor the powerful life force within the plants.

Our Offerings: Customized Blends, Retail Teas, Private Label Program, Customized Tea Menu and Training, Customized Wedding and Special Event Favors, Classes, Workshops & Tastings.